After claiming to be a writer and creative artist for the past decade or so, I think it’s time to finally pair my words with some actions. I’ve been writing privately for years and feel as though the time has come to share my words — and some photography as well (nothing too fancy schmancy) — with the world.

Roaming Kitty will reflect not only the peaches & cream of this world we live in but will also share some raw truths/observations. Life isn’t perfect and though we try to find various methods of escape, reality always sets in at some point. During my travels, I’ve met people from all walks of life. Though there has been a lot of language barriers, one thing is for certain: a friendly smile goes a long way. My goal is to help at least one individual find a light in the darkness.

Please feel free to interact as much as possible. Feedback is welcomed and essential to improving content and enhancing growth.

Time to see above the crowd.


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