Veggie Heaven in a Meat Haven

This platter was a pleasant surprise!

First off, I didn’t expect it to be so huge. My friend was under the impression that it was going to be a bowl of salad, and I mentally prepared myself to devour such.

Instead I was presented with a mini feast of sorts. No complaints at this table.

Vicolo Marte, Civitanova Marche, Italy.

Vicolo Marte can be found on one of the side streets in the center of Civitanova, surrounded by a mini square (for dining outside during the summer time). The staff was friendly and the ambience was comfortable and cheerful.

We arrived on a Friday night, for a 20:00 hrs reservation, before the crowd started to pour in. It was nice to have the place to ourselves for a bit. We were able to have great conversations without having to raise our voices above an octave.

Vicolo Marte’s menu was diverse in that it catered to non-Italian dishes — a lot of Mexican and Steakhouse specialties. While the selection was few, I was excited that they did offer meals for vegetarians.

As the dinner crowd began to stream in, the platter arrived and I was grateful I had a light lunch earlier. Although I was super hungry, I still was unable to complete my meal. Everything was delicious!

  1. Those are mozzarella balls and not eggs. As far as mozzarella goes, they were tasty. Cheese: the reason I couldn’t remain a vegan.
  2. I could’ve done without the corn in there [and some dressing to accompany all of the raw veggies]. The taco bowl wasn’t my favorite either.
  3. I wish there was more of the mushroom on bread because it was sauteed to perfection. The bread was tasty too.
  4. For me, the highlights of the platter were the grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes. They were spot on! The potatoes were the right amount of tender and thankfully not dry. There were still some flavor left in the grilled vegetables and I appreciated that.
  5. My friend enjoyed her meal as well.

Vicolo Marte never got too loud that we had to scream to be heard. There was a great balance of noise, between chatter and music. They have a full bar and though I only tried their artisanal beer, it was pretty clear that they had top shelf liquor.

I will definitely be returning to Vicolo Marte before I depart from Italy.



“Here’s looking at you, kid” – Casablanca




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