Battle of the Fish & Chips, Round 1: Applebee’s Fish.

When one thinks of essential British dishes the first meal that comes to mind is fish & chips. There was no way I was travelling all the way to London and not have at least a whiff of this meal. I decided that while in Europe, I would live a pescatarian life. I need to go full on vegan (again) once I return to New York. 

I ate fish & chips a total of three times whilst out there, and honestly all three times were different. The first time was at an establishment called Applebee’s Fish, not to be confused with the American franchise, Applebee’s. The second was a pub located on the ground floor of the Covent Garden Market. And last but not least was the meal from Great British Fish and Chips, a fast food spot.

What am I looking for when determining the winner? As a Caribbean-South American, I am mainly concerned with flavor. I will also consider texture.

Let the battle begin!

First up we have Applebee’s Fish. The establishment is in the same area as London Bridge, and located in the Borough Market.  The place looked semi-posh (sort of fancy) but has a casual ambience. They must have played Adele’s entire discography whilst we were there. To be fair, Michael Jackson did join the party eventually.

Zero complaints about the refreshing water.

Applebee’s Fish was almost disqualified because we were very close to leaving. It must be noted that we were there during the day and there were only two other [small] tables of patrons there. I imagine it gets more crowded at night. Despite having a full staff around, we were not approached until a full ten minutes, or more, later. And when it came time to pay, all of a sudden our waiter was more attentive. *side-eye*

Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas

Whilst it was not my order — I was in the mood for Tuna Steak on an bed of  eggplant and bok choy,  — I did sample enough of it to make an objective observation. Plus the feedback from my Mother coincided with my thoughts.

The fish was palatable, not anything to rave about. The batter could have used a hint of seasoning. Understandably, one must cater to the needs of all patrons as some cannot intake salt, pepper and so forth. Nevertheless, something can be added to balance out the taste of the fish and its batter.

The chips were crispy and delicious. I found myself sneaking pieces from both of my companions’ plates.

This was my first experience with mushy peas, and I think I now understand why babies usually spit it up. I think I prefer my peas perfectly rounded.

Overall, the dish left more to be desired.

I left Applebee’s Fish satisfied with my original order.


Stay tuned for Round 2.


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