Battle of the Fish & Chips, Final Round: Great British Fish and Chips.

(If you are not caught up, read my previous posts Battle of the Fish & Chips, Round 1: Applebee’s Fish. and Battle of the Fish & Chips, Round 2: Punch & Judy. to do so)

Once again, I found myself eating fish and chips. This time is was totally unexpected and was not my original order but … life.  After a long day of sight seeing we were ready to collapse. We kept getting flyers/coupons for a fast food place nearby. We joked about it each time we received one, and decided to check it out after completing our time at the London Dungeon.

With a name like Great British Fish and Chips, the Westminster joint had much to live up to. This establishment is in a prime location in Central London. Additionally, it is steps away from the London Eye, the Thames, views of the Houses of Parliament, and so forth. Because of my new found love for “the Eye” and my wanting to catch a nighttime photo of it, I agreed with my companions to dine at Great British Fish and Chips (referred to as GBFC henceforth).

Had I known that I was going to be holding this battle royale of fish & chips I would’ve certainly taken more photos at GBFC. I did have a nagging feeling of doing so but, in my defense, I was all tourist-ed out.

The place gave off a retro vibe, think 1960s diners but modern. The staff members were polite. Even though I kept going back for this thing or the other, the young man (I wish I had gotten his name) was courteous. I even received an extra pickle with my order. *yum*

As stated before, I was not planning on eating fish & chips. My initial order was a veggie burger & chips, pickles, curry sauce, pepper sauce and a bottle of Heineken to wash it all down. After [almost] daily consumption of pasta for the past few months, a burger was the way to go.

I hid my extra pickle out of shame

If anyone knows my eating habits then they know that the one vegetable that I absolutely loathe is corn Based on past experiences, every time I buy a veggie burger, I either ask beforehand what is within it, or I break a piece off before I bite into it. I forgot to do the former. Much to my disappointment, the yellow bastards were there staring me down.

Mother tried to convince me to eat them and I did attempt to. It was a definite no. I think the fish & chips gods were upset I did not order fish. How dare I? Instead of letting it ruin my appetite, I returned to the counter and ordered fish. All was right in the universe once more.

Mine looked like this but more golden (IG: @britishfishandchips)

In my previous post I proclaimed that my taste buds were dancing after that meal. I am proud to say that those same buds were rejoicing after this one!

The fish was succulent and savory. The batter had the it flavor that I was looking for. Though it was just one piece of fish, I felt like I was eating two. There was a rich taste to it. I was told that the chicken wings were very delicious as well.

As for the chips? It was the best that I had tasted thus far. Crisp where is mattered and tender in the center the way I love it. They were truly fulfilling and I could not stop eating. I eventually had to take the rest home.

You know what? I am going to declare Great British Fish and Chips the winner right now. No need to make another post. This meal was the least expensive, had a bigger serving than the others, and most importantly was the tastiest. Bravo!

Top notch meal and a fantastic view of London Eye.

We forgot to use the coupons, by the way.

R. K


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