An Ode to Gelato: Top 5

There is nothing like dessert cravings on a beautifully sunny afternoon.

I know what you’re thinking. Hasn’t she learned her lesson from her last sweet treats craving?

I hear you loud and clear. To answer your question … I did. I have taken to over emphasizing [to every establishment] my known allergens. Most understand, and those who do not, I politely wish them “ciao.”

Not usually one who is into sweets, because Diabetes is [unfortunately] common in my family, I tend to monitor my intake closely. However, lately I cannot just ignore the way my mouth salivates at the thought of a dolci e freddo gelato (sweet and cold ice-cream).

Here are my Top 5 in no particular order.

Passion Fruit from Cremeria Vanilla (Riccione)

Melting to perfection

The Cremeria Vanilla certainly lived up to their name with this concoction. It was the creamiest gelato that I’ve had to date. The texture was smooth. The tartness of the passion fruit complimented the sweetness of the vanilla.

Mint Chocolate Chips in a Chocolate Pistachio Cone from Don Nino (Florence)

Blood sugar rose by simply looking

This cone came along with a lot of firsts for me.

It was my first (but not final) visit to Firenze (Florence).

I was scared to try this because I had never had pistachio before, but sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit … err gelato. While the gelato itself was not drastically different form others I have tried outside of Italy, the crunchiness of the chocolate-pistachio flavored cone made up for it. It was a unique collision of flavors for my taste buds.

This one was a once in a lifetime try. I refused to eat sweets for the rest of the month after having this. Don Nino certainly outdid themselves. Though this was too sweet for my liking, I enjoyed every lick of it.

Limone from Bar Gelateria Blasco (Porto Potenza)

I was halfway through before I remembered to take a photo

This gelato was a refreshing classic for me. No bells and whistles. Straight to the point.

It is exactly what you expect a lemon gelato to taste like. Tangy in the right places and a hint of sweetness in the others. Each lick reminded me of home, Guyana and New York. It was so good that, admittedly, I went back the next day to get one.

Since the gelateria is a few meters away from the train station, I have become a familiar face to the owner. When I have a long waiting period for transportation, I have a seat within the establishment and enjoy whatever football match was being broadcast on the telly.

Vanilla with Berries from Golden View Open Bar (Florence)

It came with a golden view (pun intended)

Before I comment on the gelato, let me just say that the views throughout this establishment are breathtaking! It sits on the Arno River, and the Ponte Vecchio (bridge) was always in sight.

Okay, back to why you all are still reading this post.

There was a subtle richness to this dessert. Though it could have been saccharine, it did not get to that point. The berries were a great addition. A true delight on the taste buds.

Tiramisu, Mango and Vanilla from Don Nino (Florence)

I am not greedy. The mango is mine.

My second go around in Florence found me at Don Nino once more. This time I had company.

The place was exactly as I remembered it.  I kept it simple by purchasing a mango gelato. The rich flavor of the mango was mouthwatering. It made me crave the fruit.  I was happy with my choice. My companions enjoyed their flavors as well.

Great reviews all around.


Mango (Porto Sant’Elpidio)


This was my first gelato in Italy. I had to mention it because you never forget your first.

R. K

click here for more photos and videos


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