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Bikes x Rainy Day

Rainy days typically symbolize unhappiness, rebirth or the need to have a chat with your inner self.

Chained but Unbroken

Sometimes we need others to pick us up

I use these days to (metaphorically) wash away my worries, doubts and mental anguish. When, due to multiple mental and physical trauma, your thoughts are constantly playing loops of nightmares you’ve had, or giving intense mood swings and uncertainty about how you see yourself, it’s refreshing to have a moment to cleanse yourself of these emotions.

Missing some parts but worth seeking the correct pieces that’ll fit

Along my stroll to one of the many black owned cafés in my neighborhood I noticed something intriguing.

There were an abundance of bicycles chained randomly throughout a two block radius. Immediately I felt the need to document them — via photos.

The rain was pouring but the bicycles made me wish I could ride away into the arms of freedom.

Sometimes the world feels drained of color. However, it’s not just black or white remaining: there’s a grayness to it.

It was fun seeing all kinds of 🚲: from mechanical ones to electrical ones 🏍️; from good-condition bikes to some in need of repairs.

A rainy day x bicycles x Bed-Stuy was just what was needed.

“Whenever there is a conflict between pink and blue, let the pink win. Happiness is more important, the colors” — Sukant Ratnakar

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Thanks, Sugah 💋


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