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Roaming in Tulum (Pt. 1): Beach Day

Before Tulum became the tourist magnet that it is today, I had the pleasure of visiting this slice of paradise a few years ago. Not only was it my first time out there, but it was my first time in Mexico.

The journey there wasn’t a smooth one at all. Spoiler alert: I was involved in a 3-car accident on a major NY highway, while on my way to EWR Airport. Did this deter my girls and I? Nope. If anything we needed the trip more than ever!

While I’d love to go into more details about that ordeal, this post is about a fantastic beach day. From biking along the streets of Quintana Roo to taking pics with a friendly donkey.


Biking along the street was a tad scary but I’d choose it over biking in NY anyday. Like many islands, there weren’t any sidewalks to walk along and the streets were full of potholes. Nevertheless, traffic was heavy but still accommodating to us bikers. We pulled over to the side when necessary.

Smiling was as easy as riding a bike

One thing I love about the weather around the Caribbean is that it’s either super sunny or royally rainy. No need to contend with snowy days or allergy season.

The food at Taboo was delicious

It wouldn’t take rocket science to conclude that a beach day is needed when visiting an island. Can you say you’ve visited a Caribbean island if you haven’t set foot on a beach? There is no need for it to be a large one, either. Just make sure you dip your toes in water and sand.

What makes the beaches of Tulum different from others? Well did I mention a donkey was chilling and garnering more attention than the various beach bodies, right?

But seriously, what makes the “beaches” of Tulum different is the fact that the long stretch of sand is home to many restaurants, beach clubs, and even a gym — all in close proximity to each other.

I recommend reserving cabanas or tables & sunbeds in advance. We were lucky to get a spot at Taboo.

Though I was feeling insecure because my fluctuating weight decided to be up during this trip, I pushed it aside to have as much fun as I possibly could.

Tulum had so much to offer that I couldn’t fit it all into one post. For this reason, I’ll do a few parts. Overall, as far as beach days go: Tulum’s beaches are amongst the best in the world.

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Thanks, Sugah


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