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Roaming in New Jersey: Echo Lakes Stables

Whamnin’ Roamers!

Not many people know this but ever since my Senior Trip in High School, I have been fascinated with horseback riding as a therapeutic measure. Because it’s so expensive in NY, I never got many opportunities to do so. However, while living in Italy I was able to fulfill those dreams.

Fast forward five years later, and I was surprised with a trip to Echo Lakes Stables!

Appropriately named Bling

When thinking of getaways, NJ isn’t immediately on my list of destinations. But now? I want to explore its regions some more! Just under 2hrs away by car, Echo Lakes is a woodsy area with lots of trails to satisfy those outdoors cravings.

Bling is such a good boy!

The land surrounding the stables is vast, yet everything felt close-by. We rode a “fair” (as I indicated my level was) trail for an hour. Parts of the terrain was steep while other sections were leveled and smooth.

My new bestie Bling gave me permission to climb aboard.
Waiting for our adventure to begin
Peaceful trot in the woods. Bling and I chatted the entire time!
You can feel, and witness, how loved the animals are at Echo Lakes Stables.
Charlie is sassy and thique

Everyone we encountered at the stables were welcoming, and informative. John, our guide, was knowledgeable about the surrounding area; info about raising, training and caring for horses; and even gave some “the more you know” facts!

In addition to the horses there were some fluffy roosters, a dog, and a cat — who I was told is the real boss of the land.

My time spent exploring the trails at Echo Lakes Stables was so peaceful. The stillness; the birds chirping; the branches crunching on the ground; the serenity of it all.

I couldn’t ask for a better way to start the weekend.

It is my hope to revisit this gem again during the summer months.

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Thanks, Sugah 💋


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