1 Hotel Central Park: Jams by Chef Jonathan Waxman

There’s something about trying out a restaurant’s new menu fresh out of the kitchen.

I was lucky to be amongst the firsts to feast and drink from Chef Jonathan Waxman’s spring menu, and I can’t wait to try other items before the season is over!

If I wasn’t vegetarian/pescatarian I would’ve tried everything!

I aim to try every cocktail on this menu before it changes again

After a hard week of work — it wasn’t even Wednesday as yet — I needed to escape the usual run of the mill dining.

I’ve eaten dinner at 1 Hotel Brooklyn’s The Osprey some years ago. It was a lovely experience. The meal was fantastic and the the views from the rooftop afterwards was divine!

I’ve also stayed at their South Beach, Miami location, and what an incredible time that was. Yet, although I’ve visited their Central Park location, I had yet to eat at Jams.

Lula’s Heart: sour then rum-my

Based on recommendations from various staff members — who I call Jammers in my head — I started off with “Lula’s Heart” as my drink and an order of Tuna Tartare.

Upon first sip of the drink, the taste of the passionfruit was prevalent. However, as sips turned into gulps, the Mt Gay Black Barrel Rum reared its delicious head. The drink also contained Lillet Blanc and Avocado Pit Falernum. These flavors weren’t distinguished to me but it didn’t detract from the tastiness of the cocktail.

Tuna Tartare: Before I discovered onions were in there
Tuna Tartare: After discovering onions were in there

My mouth instantly watered when I saw the Tuna Tartare! The first bite was clouded by savory overload. As I continued to chew, it then dawned on me that there were chunky bits of onions in there!

I loathe onions — especially red/purple ones or raw ones.

Miraculously, I wasn’t deterred. I powered through the dish because it was that appetizing!

Frozen Watermelon Margarita: farm to table indeed.

Let me tell you: the Frozen Watermelon Margarita is a creepah! Meaning, it will creep up on ya when you least expect it. Do not be fooled by that freshly picked and slushied taste. The sweetness makes you forget that the drink also contains Pueblo Viejo Blanco Tequila and Cointreau. Instead of a salted rim, I requested Tajin because “Tajin is life!”

Spring Gnocchi

My entrée was the Spring Gnocchi. I heard great things about its predecessor — which contained black truffles — and so it was a natural selection. With each bite there was one recurring thought: would my bff’s Nonna approve of this take on the traditional Italian staple?

I concluded that she would. The dish was light but fulfilling. All ingredients are farm to table, sustainable, and local. I aim to have every version that Chef Waxman decides to add to his menu.

Tiramisu with a twist
I absolutely recommend this dessert!

Last, but certainly not least, was the tiramisu. What a twist! As you can see in the video above, there was nothing dull about the presentation nor bland about the taste. IT WAS MAGICAL!

So many flavors danced around on my tongue. The bitterness of the espresso and the sweetness of the chocolate was balanced perfectly by the mascarpone. Sensational!

That’s a wrap!

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Thanks, Sugah 💋


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