Currency 101: Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all 🤑

“What does it all mean?!?!??!” Have you ever asked yourself who decided a flimsy piece of paper 💵, or a dulled round mineral 🪙 is worth anything? No? Well actually, many people haven’t! This is probably because the idea that these objects have worth has been accepted as an intrinsic truth of society since Jesus… Continue reading Currency 101: Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all 🤑


Introducing Our Unpaid Intern, Bob🤖

Yes, the rumors are true, the futuristic days of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are upon us. 😲 For weeks, perhaps months, the RoamingKitty Collective (still working on the naming of our illustrious crew) has been embroiled in a vigorous debate. We have been asking ourselves, "how do we talk about this incredible moment in time where… Continue reading Introducing Our Unpaid Intern, Bob🤖