“Annie John” by Jamaica Kincaid

For as long as I can remember I regarded Jamaica Kincaid as one of my favorite authors. However, I had the horrific realization that I couldn't remember any of her works; I couldn't associate a specific element of literature with her. All I knew for sure was her name sounded like poetry and she is… Continue reading “Annie John” by Jamaica Kincaid



We weren’t quite in love, perhaps we were very close. The starting line had us pegged as friends — determined to finish as a couple.   You wanted loyalty. I wanted stability. I gave you both, but you handed out lies. You words were poetry and so I listened intently. Your lips did more than… Continue reading Disconnect


To Market, To Market.

After days of either running jogging walking or working, I made my way to one of my fave towns — Civitanova. Since I have not been out here on a Sunday in a long time, I was pleasantly surprised to see a market was going on. This market did not feature as many vendors as the weekly… Continue reading To Market, To Market.



They called her a bee. A busy body flittering from flower to flower, landing on whatever stamen was in sight.   Drawing nectar for pleasure’s sake, she barely spared thoughts of cross pollination. I observed a caterpillar. A tiny soul feeding her ego but mistaking it for growth. Deep down she was trying to shed… Continue reading Metamorphosis


Veggie Heaven in a Meat Haven

This platter was a pleasant surprise! First off, I didn't expect it to be so huge. My friend was under the impression that it was going to be a bowl of salad, and I mentally prepared myself to devour such. Instead I was presented with a mini feast of sorts. No complaints at this table.… Continue reading Veggie Heaven in a Meat Haven


Childhood Traditions: Doo Wop Bops

Most , if not all, of us have at least one fond memory from our childhood that brings a smile to our faces. Others, have traditions that they take with them well into adulthood. Whilst I have many (like making sure to be at home as New Year's Eve turns into the New Year), one… Continue reading Childhood Traditions: Doo Wop Bops


Conquering Phobias

I have a weird phobia ... Globophobia: a fear of balloons. Now, this isn't an invitation for you to appear in front of me Pennywise style with a bunch of balloons -- that might earn you a punch to the nose. My problem with balloons is that it makes my anxiety blastoff whenever I see,… Continue reading Conquering Phobias