Roaming Kitty?

I was born in Guyana (South America), and moved to Brooklyn, New York just shy of becoming a teenager. Though Brooklyn was my home for 16 years, my heart remained in Guyana. Talk about being torn in two!

I think I was bitten by the Wanderlust Bug at a young age. Too broke to travel, I read instead. And you know what they say about reading? (They say a lot of things so any quote you choose may work for this purpose). Due to an unhealthy obsession with books, I developed a passion for writing & telling stories. I like my writings most times.

Currently, I call Italy home. Whilst here in Europe, I hope to explore and write as much as I can. Please feel free to stick around for the journey — or if you have something better to do perhaps bookmark me and return later?

Come for the photos, and stay for the words.