Humans Be Like

Humans be like …

Let’s dress Jasper up cause he’s soooo cute 🙄 Funeral chic It’s my party: I can scratch if I want to… and I do! Paparazzi much? Did you try to match with me? Count Jasper I’ll play with you later! Who am I? Puss in Boots? Stay paw-sitive, Roamers! *Please take a moment to Like,… Continue reading Humans be like …


Black Panther vs Society (non-review)

The burning question on my mind as I write this post is: what is the difference between people dressing up for Harry Potter/Star Wars movies versus people doing the same for Black Panther? It is no secret that Marvel's Black Panther has been one of the most anticipated movies this year. There is a lot of… Continue reading Black Panther vs Society (non-review)