We weren’t quite in love, perhaps we were very close. The starting line had us pegged as friends — determined to finish as a couple.   You wanted loyalty. I wanted stability. I gave you both, but you handed out lies. You words were poetry and so I listened intently. Your lips did more than… Continue reading Disconnect



They called her a bee. A busy body flittering from flower to flower, landing on whatever stamen was in sight.   Drawing nectar for pleasure’s sake, she barely spared thoughts of cross pollination. I observed a caterpillar. A tiny soul feeding her ego but mistaking it for growth. Deep down she was trying to shed… Continue reading Metamorphosis


Veggie Heaven in a Meat Haven

This platter was a pleasant surprise! First off, I didn't expect it to be so huge. My friend was under the impression that it was going to be a bowl of salad, and I mentally prepared myself to devour such. Instead I was presented with a mini feast of sorts. No complaints at this table.… Continue reading Veggie Heaven in a Meat Haven