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Date x Dentures x Disaster

Dating is complicated. We want to be on our best behavior during this courting stage, yet, we are expected to display whatever faults we tend to have. Some of us are of a mindset that sugarcoating is a major no. However, being honest does not give you permission to be an a**hole. I quote this… Continue reading Date x Dentures x Disaster

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A Lesson In Optimism😁

I have been told, I am more optimistic than most. I have heard luck follows me, or there's something in my genes that really can't wipe this smile off my face most days. Although I don't quite agree with this assessment, there are some days where there is a different pep in my step than… Continue reading A Lesson In Optimism😁

Love, Lust and Lifestyle

Best Compliment?

Roamers, what was the best compliment you've received? “You went from a four to a ten overnight” all because my boobs were on display. Just…. Wow! Let me know what yours was in the comments. *Please take a moment to Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe, and all that jazz!* Thanks, Sugah 💋