Battle of the Fish & Chips, Round 1: Applebee’s Fish.

When one thinks of essential British dishes the first meal that comes to mind is fish & chips. There was no way I was travelling all the way to London and not have at least a whiff of this meal. I decided that while in Europe, I would live a pescatarian life. I need to go… Continue reading Battle of the Fish & Chips, Round 1: Applebee’s Fish.


Love Tastes Like

Love tastes like a snowflake gently landing on soft lips. Like the kiss shared in the midst of a thunderstorm. Pineapple flavored tongues exploring every crevice. Love is the taste of two souls interweaving for the first time.


Pip,pip. Cheerio!

My week in Londontown was amazing. First of all, my Mother was there -- to celebrate her birthday (and I'd like to think because she really missed her only daughter). Secondly, my Auntie D, Uncle E and Cousin S were extremely accommodating and hospitable. I couldn't have asked for a better time spent! It felt… Continue reading Pip,pip. Cheerio!


Welcome to Italy

I guess this technically should've been my first post. Similar to the way novels start in the middle of the story, this would've been the first chapter of my life. Before arriving to Italy, I was clueless at to what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted this new stage in my life… Continue reading Welcome to Italy